What is the Definition of AURA?

What is the Definition of AURA?

emotional, mental, and spiritual levels form an energy field around the body known as the aura. the colours and patterns in your aura are unique to you.

An aura is created by the energy you radiate, which consists of a blend of mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. The colour and pattern of an aura can change depending on your mood or what you are thinking about at the time. When someone looks at your face they can see the brightness around your eyes or hairline-this is a projection of your aura onto that person’s eyes.

Everyone has an aura and therefore the ability to read others. The differing colours and patterns of an aura enable us to determine the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of another person.

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Aside from being able to look at a person’s aura, you can also feel the energy that surrounds your body. This is known as developing your own sense of touch. As you gain more awareness in this area, you will be able to raise your vibrational level which will allow you to expand and develop your aura.

The aura provides us with a wealth of information about another person and this can help us in most situations. The aura is a collection of different energies that are out there that we cannot see. It is made up of layers: the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

The colors surrounding the body give us important information about the person’s level of consciousness, including if they are alert, alert but not conscious, unconscious, or even dreaming. The layers of the aura are also a projection of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This is why the colors in your aura will change depending on your thoughts and feelings.

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The energy that surrounds us can be detected by others who are trained to do so, such as an auric reader. The auric field develops around us from conception but is most prevalent around age six. Many people develop their ability to detect energy at this time and by age ten most children are able to read auras fairly easily.

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